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The cost for accredited certification in based on various factors, the main elements that are taken into consideration include: Staff & permanent site numbers, the scope of activities (to determine risk rating) to be certified, and system maturity.

Please get in touch directly today and Adaptive can provide you with an accurate proposal. We are proud to advise that Adaptive Certifications does no charge certification, registration, admin, application, or account management fee.

We find that the average time from an initial enquiry to achieving certification is 3 – 6 months, however this may be a lot faster or slower depending on the readiness and resources utilised if starting from scratch. Engaging an external management system specialist may assist with fast tracking the development and implementation of your system.

See the Certification Process for more details: Accreditation Information | Adaptive Certifications | Australia

Adaptive Certifications does everything they can to keep incidentals down, however, can be unavoidable at times. At Adaptive we can address the tedious audit activities remotely and carry out a site visit for the critical elements of the audit only. Adaptive Certifications is always open to discussing the best approach when it comes to any travel incidentals, that may be that there is a capped charge, or the client can manage travel bookings inhouse.

Speak to the team at Adaptive today – About Us | Adaptive Certifications | Certification Provider | Australia

As Adaptive Certifications is accredited by JAS-ANZ we are unable to assist with the development, implementation, or ongoing management of your system due to impartiality requirement. If you require any assisting leading up to or after a visit from the team at Adaptive, please let us know as we have an extensive network that we can put you directly in touch with.

Checkout some useful downloadable documents on our website –  Certification Guides & Minimum Requirements (

Gap analysis (optional). This is an initial assessment of your system to the determined scope, resulting in a report that will give you an indication of your readiness for the formal stages of certification.

Stage 1 audit. This is a review of the documentation and your organisation to ensure your management system meets all the mandatory requirements of the relevant standards to which you are pursuing certification for and review your readiness for the stage 2 audit.

Stage 2 audit. At this audit, the team at Adaptive will verify that your system is implemented to the degree necessary to achieve certification.

Certification! Once the auditor’s report has been reviewed by our compliance team, a certification decision will be made and, assuming all requirements have been met, you will be issued a certificate of certification, valid for 3 years.

Surveillance. Following certification, a surveillance audit will take place within 12 months or achieving certification (and 24 months) to ensure your system continues to operate effectively. Adaptive Certifications plans surveillance audits and activities to suit your needs. Your auditor will discuss the program with you during your stage 2 audit and determine how we can structure the audit to meet your ongoing requirements.

Re-certification. Prior to the expiry of your certificate, Adaptive Certifications will carry out your triennial audit to ensure compliance is maintained against relevant standards.

Please see Certification Guides & Minimum Requirements ( to assist with your preparation and the process.

Yes, our accreditation body JAS-ANZ has a public register listing all certified businesses including critical information from your certificate – JAS ANZ (

No, you can cancel your certification at any time or even transfer to another supplier – Not just at the end of your current cycle leading up to you recertification of your system.

At Adaptive Certifications we understand that your business circumstances may change, and certification may no longer be necessary for you. In addition, if it is determined that your system does not meet the requirements of the relevant standards and they are not addressed your status may be suspended or withdrawn.

Speak to us today – Adaptive Certifications | Contact Us | Australia

An Integrated Management System (IMS) is a structure that covers relevant processes and documentation to multiple business systems, typically related to more than one ISO standard.

An IMS allows for a more efficient certification audit by a Certification Body (CB) for a business seeking certification to multiple standards (commonly including Quality ISO9001, Safety ISO45001 and Environment ISO14001) as a result, minimising the disruption of the audit whilst allowing for scalability in one framework as your business matures.

Speak to us today at Adaptive Certifications.

Adaptive Certifications issues marks corresponding to the relevant standard for which approval has been given, by way of a current Certificate of Registration.

Please ensure you comply with the ‘Rules for Use of Certification Marks’ detailed on our website – Accreditation Information

If you have any questions, please reach out to the team at Adaptive who will happily discuss any branding and marketing needs – Contact Us!

Requests for Information

Requests for information, including information regarding the validity of a certification held by Adaptive Certifications, can be made to [email protected]

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