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ISO Certification in Construction!

Many construction businesses start the ISO Certification journey due to external pressures, the opportunity to win new work or hold onto an existing client. In this short article, we uncover the value of going through the process of gaining and maintaining certification, as opposed to the perception of the added disruption, extra work, and cost associated with yet another audit.

Benefits of ISO Certification for construction businesses include:

    • Streamline the tendering process for government and large projects: The initial tendering process can require hours, if not days, of answering questions to be able to submit a conforming application. If your business currently holds or is in the process of achieving certification, the time spent on the paperwork could be reduced significantly by providing evidence of your certification status.
    • Employee retention: With the current labour force shortage in Australia, staff retention is key to future sustainability and growth for any organisation in the construction industry. Leadership and people’s engagement is a crucial focus for all ISO standards, resulting in increased job satisfaction and output.
    • Supply chain cost reduction: Management of the supply chain for construction projects can be a time-consuming and costly exercise, especially if things do not go to plan. Reducing waste and rework is critical when relying on so many people to complete a project. Evaluating supplier performance will assist with ensuring expectations are met.
    • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements:  Construction has many legal and compliance demands. A certified management system will ensure all current requirements are identified and can be met in relation to your project or services being carried out in various jurisdictions. This would give you confidence that you are doing what is required of you if something was ever to go wrong and avoid costly fines, prosecutions, and potentially even jail time.

What are some digital platforms that can help your construction business meet ISO and compliance requirements, as well as streamline day-to-day activities?

Some well-known Construction Management Systems to support ISO Certification include:

Using platforms such as these can help make ISO compliance and certification easier than you might think.

Get in touch with the Adaptive team to learn more about how you can achieve certification today!!

New to ISO Certification? Adaptive Certifications Can Help | Australia

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