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Accredited v Non-Accredited Certification!!

ISO Management System Certification

In this article we unpack accredited v non-accredited certification and the things to keep an eye out for.

With years of management system, certification and auditing experience, Adaptive Certifications have seen it all and understand the challenges you face. We are sick of a certification industry that does things the same old way for customers striving for improvement!

Note: You cannot achieve accredited certification to all ISO Standards. Accredited Certification Bodies (also known as a Conformity Assessment Body) provide accredited conformity assessments to ‘Requirements’ standards only. Standards such as ISO 45003:2021 are ‘Guidelines’ and non-accredited certificates may be issued.

Accredited Certification!

Accredited ISO Certification refers an independent Conformity Assessment Body (CAB), like Adaptive Certifications, accredited by an independent accreditation body (such as JAS-ANZ), who has issued a compliance certificate or certificate of registration.

Accreditation Bodies – IAF

JAS-ANZ ensures that the CAB is a professional body that acts with integrity & impartiality when certifying for conformity assessment.

Third-party accreditation is recognised as the highest and most credible type a certification body can obtain globally. There is a public register to identify organisations that have been independently certified by a JAS-ANZ accredited certification body and been issued with a certificate – JAS-ANZ REGISTER

Accredited Certification is vital when there are contractual or legal requirements stipulating that your system is to be compliant to a standard like ISO 45001.

Our Accreditation Information can be found on our website.

Non-Accredited Certification!

Non-Accredited Certification refers to certification that is typically issued by a second party to state that an organisation has implemented the relevant ISO standard/s and generally had an audit carried out of there system.

Whilst the process may provide a detailed audit (and possibly report) for your business, it does not hold the credibility of Accredited Certification, especially around confidence in competence and impartiality requirements.

See more in a recent blog on a few things to keep in mind – Auditor & Consultant relationship – The risks

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